Airships, Un cielo di dirigibili Festival del viaggio

Airships, un cielo di dirigibili | Festival del viaggio Sala Ferri, Gabinetto Viesseux, Palazzo Strozzi Firenze, Italy (June 2016) Festival del Viaggio presents: AIRSHIPS | A sky of DIRIGIBILI by Max Pinucci. Sala Ferri, Gabinetto Viesseux, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence.[link] A book. A one-way trip with the giants of the sky. Stories of journeys and explorers, […]

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Convegno “La trasvolata polare con il dirigibile Norge”

Convegno: “La trasvolata polare con il dirigibile Norge” Salone San Filippo Neri Lauro, Italy (May 2016)   Organized by Prof. Antonio Ventre of Amici di Umberto Nobile in Lauro, Italy, the conference about the 90th anniversary of the Polar flight of Norge hosted the presentation of the book Airships by Max Pinucci All’interno del convegno

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AIRSHIPS presentation tour

Airships book: The first dates of the “Presentation tour” of the book March 12: Lanificio Conte, Schio (VI), Italy 21:23 April: AeroKunst Space, AERO2016, Friedrichshafen, Germany May 14: Association of Friends of Umberto Nobile Lauro (AV), Italy June 7: Sala Ferri, Viesseux Cabinet, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy prestigious and beautiful places: shortly the details! Airships book:

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OceanSky Convention

Van der Nootska Palatset Stockholm, Sweden (October 2015) AIRSHIPS a Stockholm. Max Pinucci has been invited as speaker by Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck, partner of the Swedish company OceanSky, at a conference, organized in Stockholm at the Van der Nootska Palatset, October 15. The event, dedicated to the presentation of the activities of OceanSky within LTA air transportation, was introduced by the

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AEROKunst AERO2015

Aerokunst – AERO2015 Apr. 2015 Friedrichshafen Messe Friedrichshafen, Germany The AEROKunst (Art) section of the Fair of Friedrichshafen hosted, together with other exhibitions related to aviation, the “Airships” plates by Max Pinucci, a series of big size limited run printings dedicated to the most famous dirigibles. The “Airships” book, conceived and illustrated by Max Pinucci for Hun in the Sun, has been introduced, together with the

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