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airships: north pole quest | The Game





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An Epic race
towards the Pole

The majestic beauty of airships, epic missions to unexplored lands, facing adverse weather conditions with early technologies. A true and forgotten story, exploring the earth from the sky, a unique moment in the human history.

We will bring you back to 1924, in the golden years of airships, when nations started aiming for the Arctic, the last inviolate frontier, and for its symbol: the North Pole.

We want you to relive the same thrills and challenges, assuming the role of a brave commander responsible for the life of his crew. You must balance the sometimes-competing priorities of political pressures, scientific ambition, and immense expenses, all while dealing with issues that are, literally, “life and death.”

All of this is based on years of research and on our
book “Airships | Designed for greatness, the illustrated history”, created by an international team and regarded to be the most beautiful book on the subject in the aeronautic literature.

The team

Massimiliano “Max” Pinucci

Designer, teacher and pilot

Designer and teacher, Max Pinucci loves everything that tells the horizons: travel, cartography, geography, history, always an enthusiast of the history of flight and exploration.

Elena Degl’Innocenti

Art direction, video and animations

Marco Ferracci

Game production, 3D modelling and art

Manuela Coticone

Project management and game developmen

Lorenzo Ninci

Game design and rules development

Valentina Pala

Graphic design and layout

Kevin Duke

Rules editing, advice and marketing (US)

Nicola Aggogeri

Advice and marketing (ITA)

Nello Fontani

3D animations and ar


Stephen Clark Briggs
Augusto Chiarle
Patrick Dauscher
Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck
Silvio “Pan” Lucchesi
Elisabetta Pinucci
Thibault Proux
Olga Venetska


Gregory Alegi
Sergei Bendin
Andrew Brown
Bruce Dickinson
Roberto di Meglio
Kirk Mc Ginnis
Knut Petter Johannesen
Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck
Mikhail Panchenko
Alastair Reid
Francisco A. Gonzalez Redondo François-Gilles Ricard
Adelio Roviti
John Stephenson
Antonio Ventre

Petter Johannesen

Grandnephew of
Roald Amundsen

“I love history told through a game. I love “Airships, North Pole Quest”. The North Pole, airships, exploration, challenge and triumph are fantastic ingredients to enjoy some competition with your family and friends”.

Antonio Ventre

Umberto Nobile Museum,

“Amazing! A beautiful work, a great way to pay tribute to these forgotten heroes of the past, to which we owe so much”

Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck

CEO Oceansky, Airships operator and pilot

“Mankind has always explored and pushed the boundaries. It’s part of who we are. The “Airships North Pole Quest” board game tickles this deep instinct, unleash your passion: the race is on”.

John Stevenson

Film director
and animator

“If you think that Airships are the most romantic and exotic of all the symbols of humanity’s dream of flight, then this beautiful game will make your heart soar”.

Thibault Proux


“Full of realism and History, complete and with a pure refined design “Airships, North Pole Quest”is the perfect game that will satisfy equally the most airship enthusiast as well as the youngest polar explorer”.

Thanks to the accurate and planned historical and iconographic research, based on hundreds of pictures and drawings, in collaboration with an international team of authors and experts, all the components of the game have been designed in extreme detail.

Years of work have been devoted to the realization of this board game, dedicated to the most amazing flying machines from the early days of aviation. You will get to play with real Airships models in scale, using authentic cartographytools diving deep into a unique atmosphere. 

01. Scoreboard
02. Weather Disc
03. Game Plan
04. Commanders
05. Specialist Token
06. Airships
07. Ships
08. Navigating Tool
09. Range Calculator
10. Wind Indicator
11. Venture Cards
12. Strategy Cards
13. Mission Cards
14. Solo Mode Cards
15. Telegrams
16. Mission Calculator
17. Bonds
18. Target Token
19. Mooring mast
20. Clips
21. Place Holder Card

Number of players: 2 to 6 (8 with expansion)
Playing time: 50 to 200 minutes (depending on the number of players and the level of the rules)
Languages: English, Italian, French, German. Other languages ( Spanish, Russian, Ucrainian, Polish) will be downloadable from the website in PDF format.

Airships of the game

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