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Edited by

Project by: Max Pinucci,
Gameplay by: Andrea Angiolino

The epic of the air transflights of the golden age of aviation

L’epopea delle trasvolate aeree dell’età d’oro dell’aviazione

A tribute to the S.55, iconic seaplane of the transatlantic cruises of the 1920s and 1930s: the 1927 Cruise of the Two Americas, the Italy-Brazil Transatlantic of 1930-31, the North Atlantic of 1933. A compelling game of planning, strategy, reenactment, courage.

A project of

Max Pinucci

Gameplay di

Andrea Angiolino

Edito da

Hun in the Sun

In collaboration with

Aeronautica Militare,
5°Reparto SMA
Ufficio Storico dell’Aeronautica Militare
Società Geografica Italiana

the team

Andrea Angiolino

The game is developed by Andrea Angiolino, a game author, journalist and Italian specialized divulgator. He has written several books about games and on games. He is the author of television and radio games, as well as role-playing and board games, including the famous Wings of Glory, a great international success. He has also been appointed as a consultant to the Ministry of Education with the title of "expert inventor of games."

Max Pinucci

Designer, professor and biplane pilot, CEO of MBVision and Hun in the Sun, Max Pinucci is an aviation author and illustrator. After the success of his book: Airships and the Airships North Pole Race board game, he conceived the S.55 project involving experts in game development and aviation experts. He also curated the historical and iconographic aspects.

Art direction
Elena Degl’Innocenti

Campaign manager
Valerio Ferzi

Grafiche e packaging
Edoardo Cappiello
Lorenzo Fontanelli
Sandy Miranceli
Max Pinucci
Ilaria Torcolacci

Modellazione e miniature
Marco Ferracci
Emmanuele Campinotti

Elena Degl’Innocenti
Teresa Pilato

Con la collaborazione di
Margherita Azzari
Augusto Chiarle
Rosario D’Auria
Andrea Moscardini
Valentina Pala
Elisabetta Pinucci

S.55 – Wings over the Atlantic was created to tell the story of the individual and mass transflights that, in the 1920s and 1930s, showed how planes could cross oceans and become a useful means of transportation for passengers, cargo and mail by connecting continents. The exploits of Francesco De Pinedo, Italo Balbo and other Italian and foreign pioneers come alive in this game for 1- 5 participants


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game components


Everyone makes their own cruise trying to be faster than the others, but at the same time preserving their airplanes from accidents and unforeseen incidents. The basic rulebook is also suitable for casual players, but it is accompanied by a set of advanced and optional rules for true enthusiasts who desire more realism.


The game maps represent the historical routes of oceanic transflights from the 1920s-1930s. Rich in cartographic detail and at a scale of 1:10000000, they feature an interactive system that can influence the game through a weather conditions system.


3 decks of cards, allow you to influence the game, through attack and defense actions and special cards. With original photographs and accompanying historical texts, they guide the game with a choice of basic and advanced rules.



Get comfortable in the pilot’s seat, strap on your flyer and get ready to fly across the ocean! Each player has his or her own dashboard, where he or she selects at each turn the goal to be reached, the fuel and the performance of his or her plane or fleet, safe from the prying eyes of your opponents.

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