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About us

Hun in the Sun specializes in aviation-themed books and board games, distinguished by thoughtful design and accurate historical content. Our publications are developed with the guidance of an international team of aviation experts, ensuring both reliability and engaging storytelling. We focus on delivering a balanced blend of informative content and visually appealing presentation, creating products that resonate with enthusiasts of aviation history and design.

The Author

Massimiliano “Max” Pinucci, designer since 1987, professionally ranges between the expressive languages of form, image and academic research. He has tackled creative direction by collaborating on the design of interiors, on-board ergonomics and HMI of sports aircraft. He teaches digital design and communication at national and international universities and postgraduate courses. CEO of MBVision, he designs and coordinates cultural events and exhibitions. He has publications related to design, research and fiction to his credit. He is a pilot of sport planes. Attracted since his childhood by all flying objects, since 1997 he has been illustrating aircraft profiles, especially from the Great War and seaplanes, for magazines and poster books. For some time now he has been fascinated by airships and their history, almost by chance. A meeting with aeronautical experts such as Gregory Alegi, Andreas Horn and Dan Grossman prompted him to imagine a broader project, dedicated to telling the story of the golden age of the great airships.

With Hun in the Sun, discover a unique perspective
on the world of legendary pilots and iconic aircraft.


Agreat care for the detail is the basis of this work.
Starting from an accurate documentation, consulting historical pictures and drawings, profiles and books. Once found the documentation, we start to design a bidimensional, accurate profile.

Afterward we compose the poster. From the profile, we start working searching for materials and components used for the final drowing: fabric, metals, wood. When the design become too much binding, we realize some details using the three dimensional modeling.

Step after step, the model is “assembled” on the page using pictorial technques in a digital environment: airbrush, masks, pencil.. Layer after layer, the structure become real: volumes, surfaces, textures. The drawing will be repeted for plan, side, front and bottom of each model.

Last but not least, the finishing: squadron insigna, cockades, specific identification painting. Then we complete the model with technical specs, informations, and some note about the aces who rrode this fantastic flying machines.

Exhibitions and Awards

Max Pinucci (Hun in the Sun) has been present at numerous conferences and presentations: AeroKunst – Aero Friedricshafen 2015, 2016, 2017, Florence Gab. Viesseux of Palazzo Strozzi at “Festival del Viaggio”, the “90th anniversary of polar Flight of Norge” in Lauro, Stockholm at the Van der Nootska Palatset. Hun in the Sun also has numerous exhibitions, at Lanificio Conte, Schio (VI), Italy inside the exhibition ‘Beyond the dream‘, AeroKunst space at – Aero 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 in Germany an many others .
He has received numerous awards including the special mention in 2016 inside the Italian Air Force “G. Douhet” literary prize for the book Airships | Designed for greatness, the illustrated history”


Who can really consider himself an expert? I would not have had time to learn what is required to write a book about Airships or Hydroracers, and perhaps it would not even have made sense for it is too large and deep. I decided to take a different approach; surrounding myself with real experts, bringing together an international team of authors, historians, and designers, people who, professionally or for pleasure, have approached and studied the fascinating history and technology of the great airships. I owe a lot to these people, to their availability and their passion. 


For Airships Book, I understood what I wanted: a different book, a story told through illustrations that would allow readers to understand the technology, design, size and performance of these unusual machines. Ships built to move across the sky: objects that cannot fail to captivate those who believe in mechanics and in humankind’s dreams.


Max Pinucci

Alastair Reid

After studying languages at University, he worked for Airship Industries until joining the Royal Navy as an ASW helicopter pilot...

Alastair Reid saw active service in the Cold War and First Gulf War, later completing a tour as a Search and Rescue pilot with the German Navy. He retired from active
service in 1997 but continued to fly for the British Army as an instructor for the next 18 years. In 2008 he was awarded the distinction of Master Air Pilot. He has written definitive histories of the Skyship and Parseval airships and translated numerous important German texts.

Andreas Horn

He was educated as a draftsman and was then self-employed writing manuals, brochures and annual reports ...

Basel, Switzerland (1961-2017), Andreas Horn was educated as a draftsman and was then self-employed writing manuals, brochures and annual reports, eventually becoming an independent marketing specialist for the cruise industry. He has an almost lifelong interest in airships, focusing on technical aspects of the rigid airship and the history of German First World War army airships, building radio controlled model airships and models for the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen.

Dan Grossman

He has been researching, writing, and giving talks and lectures about the history and technology of airships...

Dan Grossman has been researching, writing, and speaking about the history and technology of airships for over 20 years. He has worked on numerous television documentaries, both behind and in front of the camera; consulted for museums around the world; given talks and lectures; and been consulted by major news organizations for background information or comments about lighter-than-air flight.

Gregory Alegi

A writer and historian for over 30 years, Gregory Alegi has authored 50 books and monographs. He teaches Aerospace History

Gregory Alegi is a writer and historian. After teaching Aviation history at the ITAF Academy for about 20 years, he now teaches History and Politics of the USA at LUISS University and Strategic Studies at UNINT. He is the managing editor of Aeronautica, the oldest running Italian aerospace monthly. He also sits on the editorial boards of the Italian monthly Air Press and the UK quarterly The Aviation Historian. He has published over 50 aviation books, monographs, documentaries, films and TV formats. In 2016 his book La storia dell’Aeronautica Militare: la nascita won the IX “Giulio Douhet” aerospace book prize. In the historic aviation field, he has curated the Caproni and Volandia museums, a dozen exhibitions, the restoration of some 30 aircraft and the recovery of others from places as far-flung as Afghanistan, Great Britain, Lebanon and Sweden.

Sergei Bendin

He is a Russian expert in aeronautics, journalism, and projects in this area, PR for aviation industries, writer on blogs as Aeroсrat

Sergei Bendin is a Russian expert in aeronautics, journalism, and projects in this area. Since 2001 he has been in charge of PR for aviation industries, such as RosAeroSystems-Augur Co, DKBA State company (the former Soviet DirigibleStroi, once headed by Umberto Nobile) and LocomoSky Co. He is the editor in chief of the Russian “Herald of Aeronautics” magazine since 2009. He has commented on aeronautics topics for the media and blogs as Aeroсrat.

Thibault Proux

He is a young French engineer at Flying Whales, the French company developing a 60 ton capacity airship for heavy load transportation.

Thibault Proux is a young French engineer with a passion for airships. In 2011, in his engineering school, he initiated a remotely piloted airship project using solar energy for propulsion. He now works at Flying Whales, the French company developing a 60 ton capacity airship for heavy load transportation. In 2015 Thibault began writing about airships on aviation websites.

Ozawa Hideaki

In 1992, he began digitally recreating The Schneider racers in 2D then, since 2000, in 3D, continuing modelling and refining for over two decades.

In 1978, Ozawa Hideaki starts working as an illustrator and, by 1980, he is a graphic designer. Since then, for over 40 years, he has been working as an advertising designer and illustrator. During the 1980s, he took on the responsibility of handling advertisements and illustrations for numerous car manufacturers, since 1990 in Apple’s advertising and began DTP, transitioning towards communication and services. In 1992, he began digitally recreating The Schneider racers in 2D then, since 2000, in 3D, continuing modelling and refining for over two decades. During this time, he provided artwork for media and events, but declining projects dedicated to combat aircraft: he belongs to a generation deeply influenced by Japan’s constitution, which strongly emphasizes the renunciation of war. Considering that his artistic style entails several years to complete a single piece, he considers himself fortunate and honourable to have participated in this project and to see it taking the form of a book.

Basilio Di Martinio

He is a Major General in the Italian Air Force engineering branch. He has written extensively on military and aviation history

Basilio Di Martino is a Major General in the Italian Air Force engineering branch. He entered the Academy in 1975 and, after graduating in electronic engineering, was assigned to the Experimental Flying Unit. He is now head of the MoD Directorate for IT, Electronics and Advanced Technologies. In 2005 he earned a degree in political science from the University of Trieste. He has written extensively on military and aviation history, including the book “Italian Airships During the Great War” (2005).

Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck

Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck is a Swedish economist with a commercial pilot background, CEO of OceanSky, operator of new generation airships.

Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck is a Swedish economist with a commercial pilot background in air cargo, passenger and corporate operations. His interest in airships dates back more than 20 years and, because of a parallel passion for nature and environment, Carl-Oscar is determined to contribute to a more sustainable transport solution. With the progress of modern hybrid airships and the forming of the Swedish company OceanSky, the road is set out to become an operator of lighter than air vehicles, in order to offer the unique services which only airships can provide.

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